February 6, 2011

One more

One more potholder to add to the collection.  Having so much fun making and experimenting with potholders.  This time I thought I would incorporate a recipe that could be kept close by, remember this special one.  With a little embroidery (which took me about a week to complete) I have a special, one of a kind, potholder to accessorize the kitchen.  For this one I decided to use my own handwriting as a guide to make a it a little more personal, however about halfway through I realized that I should have based the template on my sisters handwriting since it was her recipe.  Definitely will have to remember that for next time to make it extra memorable. 

And for the back I used some leftover scraps to create kind of a flower design. 


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  1. I am VERY impressed with the embroidery! That was a very thoughtful gift!!! Looks fantastic!



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