February 7, 2011

Yes, I Crochet!

I do crochet.  Although I have to admit that it has been limited to potholders and scarfs.  You know those short, easy and simple projects.  I learned to crochet from my mom and grandmother back many, many years ago. Unfortunately, I still have yet to figure out how to actually read a pattern as I learned hands-on, which is probably why I haven't ventured too much further than a few comfortable patterns.  But, when I somehow managed to put my sewing machine into an emotional breakdown yesterday, I was desperate to keep my hands busy while the Super Bowl was on.  So, out came some yarn and a crochet hook.

Unfinished Afghan from 1990's! 
Since I don't know when my sewing machine will be in working order again, I decided to begin a small afghan.  The pattern I decided to use is one my grandmother showed me back when I was a teenager (say around 1995 or so).  I actually started to make an afghan way back then.  It is still half completed to this day and has moved with me each time I changed addresses.  I dragged it out last night to refresh my memory on the pattern, let me tell you this thing is HUGE!  No wonder why I haven't completed it.  I really think that it will fit a king sized bed.  Don't you just love the colors - these were my room colors back in the day. Perhaps when I actually get it finished they will be back in style again! 

Back to the current project.  Do you see a similarity???  I have to say I chuckled a bit when I realized how similar the colors are to the unfinished project from years ago.  Guess I still have a thing for teal and purple!  Go figure.  But I'm really focused this time on getting this one completed, which is why I am making it a lot smaller.  There is something kind of therapeutic about crocheting, with its rhythmic stitches and the feel of the yarn.  So, here is to keeping the momentum going to finish this much smaller afghan! 

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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  1. Hi Danae,
    How lovely to be able to crochet as well as sew. The lovely thing with crochet is you can pick it up when you have a spare 5 or 10 minutes and work on it.
    I love the colours of your afghans both the larger, older uncompleted one and the new one you are working on. Do you still have the wool from the first one you started? Won't you feel a great sense of achievement when you finish it?
    Happy crafting,
    Anne xx


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