About Me

I have always been a quiet person.  You know, that person that doesn't have much to say during conversations and who you would probably forget about had she not shown you an adorable picture of her golden retriever, Mango.  Have you seen that face and what about that name, Mango.  Just kind of rolls off the tongue.  Oh, wait, this is supposed to be about me!  So easy to digress. 

 I have really found a passion for quilting and just sewing in general.  I also enjoy photography, crocheting, paper crafts, cooking, and you may even find me doing some home improvement projects.  I may get some criticism from my husband regarding the quilting (since he thinks its an 'old lady's' hobby), however, to my benefit it takes the attention away from my shoe collection/addiction!  Did I mention I like shoe shopping....  I know, shame on me.

In addition to my crafty lifestyle, I have a wonderful, loving and comedic husband who makes it a regular habit of making me smile and laugh, hourly.  We have two wonderful cats, two spoiled pooches a precious little daughter.  They make our house a home and provide us endless hours of entertainment.  My husband and I run our own business which means we get to see each other several hours a day.   I know what your thinking, how do you do it.  Well, I'd have to say it makes your love grow stronger and you learn so much more about your better half.  I mean, what do you really know about the profressional side of your partner? I know I've learned a lot.

I hope that sheds a little light on who this strange blogging gal is. Enjoy my blog, where I share my projects and have a little fun.

Live. Love. Laugh