May 21, 2013

And a year later...

I'm a little red faced as a write this as I'm sure you may have noticed that its been a year since I last posted, yikes! I have thought of the site many, many times but I just didn't know where to begin as so much has happened. But if I don't start somewhere I'm sure it will be another year before I post! So, here I am.  Hoping that I can jump right back in and start sharing again.

Before I dropped off the face of the blogging world I was working on preparing for my little baby girl.  Needless to say, my little angel showed up before I finished my long to-do list.  In fact I went into labor sandwiching her little quilt together! Oh yes, I was down on the floor pinning when WHAM she was ready to  come!  I'm thankful that she gave me a good reason not to finish the quilt until she was almost 6 months old.  And you know, life kept moving on even with my to-do list half complete.  What a relief!  Now she is almost a year old and her second quilt is still hanging off the back of my sewing chair waiting for binding.

When do sewing/crafting/blogging mothers have time to do their projects?  I am still trying to figure this balance out.  I'm thinking that they must be luckier than me with nap times. I swear my little knows when I need/want to work on something because that is when she won't nap.  Or if I take her into my hobby room, well lets just say I spend more time putting things back on shelves that I spend working on a project!  Oh but it is so great to see her work and figure out things. Recently she has started to take the fabric scraps off the shelf and put into her box. Cute.

I hope that you hang on while I figure out the balance of being a working mother who misses sewing and blogging. I leave you with a few pictures of my little angel as I'm sure the last year of not blogging will soon be forgotten.

By the way, welcome all the new followers that have joined over the last year! It is great to see you on board. My projects I'm sure won't be as labor intensive but there will be projects none the less to come.
My angel at one month old

A glimpse at nursery

The finished quilt when she was 5 months
Happy New Year!

Me and my angel

Six months old

Eight months old
Eleven months old

That was a quick glimpse at my angel over the last year.

Hope to see you again soon :)