January 23, 2011

Family Bonding

Does your family have a favorite gathering food?  You know, that special something that is only made when the family gets together.  A food that by having it without family by your side just isn't as special or somehow doesn't taste the same?  Well, this is a special dedicated post to just that type of special food. 

For my family it's Monkey Bread.  Yes, that's right, the sweet, sugary, don't-count-the-calories, oh so yummy Monkey Bread.  But its just not any kind of Monkey Bread, its one that is specially made by my one and only, the Monkey Bread master, Sister.  Oh, if only I could capture the ensuing chaos that erupts when the Monkey Bread container is spotted en route through the front door.  (I can almost guarantee there will never be pictures of this as we are all making a mad dash for that container holding our treasure!)  It is the first thing requested whenever plans are made to get together with the family and it is the first thing devoured. There is just something special about its sugary goodness, beyond the finger lickin, tummy satisfying sweetness.

What I have come to realize over the years, is that its not the sugary sweetness or the smell that makes it so  dive-through-the-door, push-your-brother-out-of-the-way kind of special.  It is the attention and great love that goes into making Monkey Bread and the memories made of family gatherings that make it special.  Don't get me wrong, this stuff is good, but there is certainly more to it than just taste here.   There are so many good memories of being the first to grab a hot, gooey piece or being the one to sneak in that last bite!  There have been burned fingers, but luckily no broken bones or black eyes (yet)! 

Do you have a family bonding food?  I would love to hear about it. 

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  1. My family's favorite gathering food is my wife's famous grilled vegan pizza. We invite our relatives to join us for lunch in a park here in Denver. Sometimes, we hold a cook off, but when it's just a normal gathering, they request for my wife's pizza. Good thing we're able to grill at the parks and recreation centers here. If not, we would be having our feasts in our house, and that would be a mess!


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