January 18, 2011

Joy in getting older

Who could really ask for more.  Some spectacular clearance rack clothes shopping and, yes, some Amy Butler Soul Blossoms delivered to the door, colliding on the same incredible day, my Birthday!  Feeling like a pretty lucky gal.  Not only did I have a great shopping spree, I received a lot of love from my family and friends.  Oh and not to mention an enormous amount of cake.  My husbands birthday was yesterday, so call it luck or call it love handles, we have had our fair share of desserts the last few days! 

I just want to take a moment to say thank you for all those out there who read my blog.  I certainly appreciate it and feel so lucky to have found such a supportive community.  It really is amazing how open arms the blog community is.  Thank you thank you for stopping by (and coming back)!

Now off to finish out the day with some Despicable Me and of course more cake!

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