January 26, 2011

When one is not enough

I'm not quite so sure how it all began, but I now have 4 sewing projects going on at the same time and thinking of several others to start as well.  What was I thinking, or what am I thinking!  I think my crafty zing has temporarily taken over reality.  I have one quilt that is so close to being finished that I can taste it, but intead of finishing it up (on time) I decided to start on another that involves cutting and sewing what feels like a million little triangles.  Then if that wasn't enough, I had this beautiful fabric show up and couldn't wait to dive right into the project I had intentioned for it.  So, yes, that makes 3 quilts in process.  When I'm going to get them done is another story, but all the peices are cut and ready to go.
Reminder to self: take picture before using!
Now, because apparently 3 quilts isn't keeping me busy enough, I decided to conquer another to-do item that has been lingering for months.  Not that it was any kind of emergency, but the zing hit again last night and I just felt it HAD to be done right that instant.  So, last night I was feverishly cutting up this adorable older Amy Butler fabric that I have had stashed for months just for this project.  I'm using it to to spice up my kitchen with some fun matching dishtowels and matching potholders.  Orange and teal are good, fun kitchen colors, right?

Well, off to finish up at least one of these projects, or at the rate that I'm going maybe start another!

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  1. Ahhhh Danae, you're girl after my own heart. You can never have too many projects on the go, it makes for an interesting life! :)

    Anne xx


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