September 28, 2011

Curtain Shock

I'm so excited to start sharing information about our new home with you.  To get you up to speed the home was not well maintained so we have been busy for the last 2 months getting it in order.  We have patched holes in walls, painted, cleaned, cleaned and cleaned.  Not to mention move out a lot of stuff that the previous owners left behind.  Now, thankfully, that icky stuff is behind us and we can move on to making it pretty.  Yes, I said icky! 

One of the first items on the agenda was to get some curtains for a few rooms.  I thought, for fun, that we would have a 'free' designer come in, give us some ideas and price out some custom curtains.  Now mind you, I have never, ever done the whole custom curtain thing.  I've either made them myself or purchased panels at a discount store.  So, I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. 

Let me tell you, we were in shock.

When we were first told the dollar figure I don't think it really registered.  Then it hit us as we walked out of the design center.  What did she just say??  Are we sure we heard her right?


Seriously.  That much.

Before I divulge the dollar value we were given I want to share with you the design plan.  The one room we really wanted curtains for has super high ceilings, like 2 stories high. Small room overall, just super high ceilings with 4 windows.  The design plan that was constructed for that room involved two 13 foot panels and two 9 foot panels.  This room opens in to the dining room which has the normal 10 foot high ceilings.  The designer thought that to keep the flow the curtains should be the same and hang from the 3 windows in that room.  Sounds good.  So lets add 4 more panels there.

These curtains, granted its a lot of fabric, but they are not special in any way.  The designer only wanted to do pocket curtains hung from a fancy rod with a finnial and draped across the window.  Easy enough.  That means no pleating or special hardware required.  As she is telling me all this I'm thinking, good she is being price saavy and not adding a lot of extra sewing features. 

Ok, are you ready.  Hold on to your socks.

The dollar figure we were quoted for the 2 rooms worth of curtains....$11,000.  Yes, there are three zero's there.  Can you believe it?!  It does also include installation, but its hanging curtains.

Needless to say, I'm sewing my own curtains!! 

But some good did come out of it all.  I found out how much money I save when making my own home decor items and I have some great ideas on how to hang the curtains.  I  think thats a win.

Once I locate the right fabric to use I'll keep you posted on the sewing progress.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. Congratulations on buying your home. $11,000 is a lot of money for curtains. I'm sure you'll be pleased you've sewn your own.
    Anne xx


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