December 7, 2011

Our Holiday Home

Decorating a home for the holidays is nothing short of an undertaking, but one that I am happy to do over and over again!  Isn't it exhilharating stringing lights, decorating a tree and hanging stockings on the mantle?  Oh and the Christmas music that resounds and plays over and over in your head.  And don't forget the aroma of cookies wafting in the air, mmmmm...  Just love the holidays.  Don't you? 

As I mentioned in an earlier post my husband and I recently moved into our new home, so the decorating excitment is at an all time high as we have all this new space to fill with Christmas joy.  The home is quite a bit bigger than our previous so filling the space has been somewhat of a glorious challenge.  But we were certainly blessed with the previous owners leaving a large lot of Christmas goodness stored in the attic.  Not sure if they intended to leave it behind or if it was forgotten, but either way, we feel blessed to have the extra goodies to dig through and use this season. 
Wishing everyone a happy start to their holiday decorating. 

Be on the lookout for some exciting news that I can't wait to share! 

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