August 2, 2010

Carry Me Tote #1: Belted Bucket Bag

One down and 19 14 to go!  Yes indeed I finished my first bag from the book - so proud of myself.  I actually finished 2 bags this weekend (although one bag was one that I started weeks ago prior to my bobbin winder dying on me).  So now with a Sidewinder and motivation I got a lot done this weekend. 

The first bag I chose to do is called the Antique Print Tote/Shoulder bag.  Its kind of a belted bucket bag.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) it doesn't have a paper pattern so it took a little extra time to measure out each peice.  Ok, confession I have never liked to measure; truth be told I would usually either skip this type of pattern or just round the measurements to suit my needs.  However, in this instance I took the time and actually measured, right down to eighth!

The instructions are good, however not for the beginner as they are not very descriptive and pictures are limited.  Overall a very good pattern; even though I did make some adjustments.  The inside pocket is a little on the small side so next time I'll adjust the measurement so that it can accomodate a cell phone and other such devices.  Since this is a deep bag I also added a side clip where I can attach keys so they aren't floating at the bottom of the bag.  I also adjusted the larger shoulder strap slightly by adding a couple of metal rings at the base of the strap. 

For reference here are pictures from the book of what the bag was supposed to look like.

What do you think?  Ready for the next one?



  1. Oh it's so cute!

    I think you're talking me in to buying that book! (don't tell the hubs) ;)

    your blog is so pretty too. :)

  2. Hey mami,
    my bday is next month .. lol ..
    just kidding..
    Nice work. Keep it up and for sure I am coming next summer to learn all this.

  3. Oh god you really took me seriously and gave me an opportunity to use such a wonderful bag made by you.

  4. Wondering where I might find the pattern for this bag. It is just too cute!!


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