August 9, 2010

The Market Tote

After agonizing over which was going to be my second bag for this book sew along, I went with my sisters suggestion and just chose the next one in the book.  Easy enough, right?  I made my list of needed supplies.  I even put the list in my super gadget phone knowing that it would be easily found.  I went to the store walked in and went to pull out my phone to review my shopping list.  Wouldn't you know it, I forgot my phone!  So much for being prepared with a list.  In the end it turned out for the better.  None of the items I intended to get were on sale (my bargain hunter prowess gets in the way some times!)  SO, onto plan B - buy things that weren't on my list but were on sale!  I like that kind of plan.

Without the needed supplies to make said intended bag, I went back to the fabulous book to ponder over a new #2; now with the full intention of making one with matierials I did have on hand.  So along came the Market Bag.  Its such a  nice roomy bag and super easy to put together.  I did increase the size of the inside pocket - guess I'm learning I have a thing for big pockets!  And I also recycled an old purse to make the faux leather handlee (which I have since changed).  The instructions got a bit fuzzy when it came to putting the outer and lining fabrics together, but I was easily able to put it together after now understanding the process of putting a bag together.  Hey I'm learning!  I'm thinking that in its current state its a tad bit on the boring side, so I do plan on jazzing it up a bit with some beads or buttons, what do you think?

As a recap, this is bag #2 in my attempt to sew my way through Carry Me: 20 Boutique Bags.  The book poses 10 various larger bags (from the practical to the trendy) each with their own coordinating smaller "bag".  Hence 20 boutique 'bags".  I used the word bag loosley for a reason, because after further review there seems to be a few missing "bags", hmmmm.  Perhaps they were lost in translation??  (As an aside, this book was translated from Japanese.  Other than the mis-count, everything seems to be in order.)  So, technically we are down to 16 actual bags and 4 other projects that include a book cover, a zipper flower, a cloth wrapping and a luggage tag. 

However, since I fell in love with the majority of the bags in the book, I have taken it upon myself to sew my way through each bag (and now miscellaneous items) in the book. With the exception of one luggage styled bag since I really don't have a strong desire to search for the needed materials to make it. Who knows, I may change my mind as I work my way through the others. Wish me luck!

Now, which will be #3, or better yet which material to use!  It actually took me longer to decide on the material for this market tote than actually making it! Maybe I'll post some options during the week to get your opinion.


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