June 6, 2010

Up-for-the-challenge baby Quilts

Guess what?  The package arrived!  Yay!  (What I did neglate to tell you though  is that it arrived a week late - yup I'm a bad aunt.)

In any event this means I get to share my first QUILT!  I am so excited as to how they turned out (yup, not just one, but TWO quilts! Just couldn't stop at one neice.)  Making a quilt has always been on the back burner because I just felt like I never had the time to not only figure out how to do it but to just plain pull it all together.  So, given that I'm on a sewing kick, I made the time and I have to say, I think I fgured it out! 

So, what do you think?  (Sorry the pics aren't the greatest - should have reviewed before sending them!)

Here's #1and #2

I certainly learned a few things along the way:  (1) pre-washing helps (there is a long story here but I won't bore you), (2) how to do a blind hand-stitch for the binding, (3) how to make binding, and (4) applique.  Oh and take pictures of the backside when quilts are in your posession (ha don't know why I didn't know to do that!)

Ok, thats it for this round.  I'm thinking I'm ready for another quilt, but we'll see.


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