July 26, 2011

New Potatoes and Peas

One thing is for sure, I'll be visiting my parents this time of year every year.  Not that I won't visit in between!  My parents have a huge vegetable garden that they plant each year.  It is full of tomatoes, potatoes, corn, squash, beans, cucumbers, basil, and most importantly, peas.  Oh the gratification of picking a pod right off the plant and cracking it open.  Those perfect little round delicate pieces of sweet goodness are so much better than any piece of dessert I have ever had placed in front of me (ok, maybe if a slice of cheesecake were in front of me it would be tough decision ;).  I can just never get enough.  As my parents find out when I say a quick hello and disappear into the garden to start snacking!

This time around I managed to snap a few pictures while there were peas in the bowl.  I actually surprised myself that I was able to shell the peas and actually have enough left in the bowl for dinner!  Go me for self control! 

It has been a tradition in my family that when the peas are ready we have a bowl of new potatoes and peas.  My dad tells us that this is a farmers tradition, but all I know is that it is good and I'm more than happy to carry on the tradition. 

It is a simple recipe that is full of healthy flavor. 

What you will need:
-Some new red potatoes
-Fresh peas
-Milk (enough to cover pea and potatoes)
1.  Cut potatoes in half and cook in water until tender.
2.  Just before the potatoes are done cooking add peas.
3.  Warm the milk, don't boil.
4.  When potatoes and peas are done, drain off water and return back to the pot.
5.  Pour warmed milk over potatoes and peas.

Now scoop yourself out some fresh garden goodness.

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