June 2, 2011

Idea Overload


My head is spinning from all the picture overload I am getting over at Pinterest.  Seriously, the person that thought of this is uber genius.  I can now not only drool over ideas and continue to add to my to-do list, but I can categorize, sort and the best part, it keeps track of the source!!!  No longer do I have to remember where I got the idea from and/or create files for all my ideas on my computer. 

There is however a slight downside...you can spend hours at a time perusing all the pins!  Oh, and not to mention the long to-do list that comes from all the super creative ideas that people find and pin.  So addicting! 

If you are interested in creating your own Pinerest account or you are on the waiting list, let me know and I'll send you an invitation (its an invitation only type of thing).  Passing on the generousity of another fellow blogger.  Just leave a comment below or send me an email (danaepm(at)live(dot)com) telling me your email address.

Here are a few of my finds on Pinterest that are on my to-do list!

source http://noemimounier.tumblr.com/post/593274493
source Bella Carta
source Do It Yourself

source Every Last Detail

source Houzz

source Etsy
This is just a small, small fraction of what there is.  Can you see what I'm talking about!  LOVE

PS.  This is by no means a sponsored post, just thought I'd share something that is putting a smile on my face today!


  1. I love your links to Pinterest! How do we email you our information so you can refer us? Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Danae,
    I'd love to join Pinterest so an invitation would be very welcome.
    Anne xx
    P.S. My email address is on my blog profile.

  3. Ahhh I love pinterest. Thanks for the reminder...now I have something to keep my busy at work tonight lol


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