May 26, 2011

Scrap Happy – Scrunch Tote

Scrunch Bag 1 After making my first Scrunch bag I had a few requests for a tutorial.  So here it is!  I had a little bit of fun with the second bag.  Namely,  this one is quite a bit bigger than the first, much more of a messenger style bag versus handbag.  But don’t worry, the process was the same.  Another change is the strap.  On this larger version I used a women’s belt.  That’s right, a belt!  I absolutely love the look. 

So lets get started, shall we.

Needed supplies:
  • 2 pieces of outer fabric measuring (W) 21.5” x (H) 30”
  • 2 pieces of interior fabric measuring (W) 20” x (H) 13”
    • 2 pieces of iron-on medium weight interfacing (same measurement as lining)
  • 2 pieces of fabric 2.5” x 6” from outer fabric
  • 1 belt (mine was a women’s small)
  • 2 rivets
  • sewing supplies (machine, thread, etc)
1.  Ruffle the 4, 30” long edges of the outer fabric.  Start the ruffle approximately 1.5” inches from edge so you have a non-ruffled top edge on both pieces.  Easiest way to ruffle, set your straight stitch to the longest length and set your tension to the highest level (9). 
2.  Take the ruffled edges and adjust them, by pulling on the threads, so that all ruffled edges measure 14”. 

3.  Place the 2 ruffled outer pieces right sides together and pin the 2 ruffled edges and one unruffled edge.
Ruffles Pinned Ruffles Pinned 2 4.  Sew the 3 pinned edges together.  Make sure to have a larger seam allowance than what was used when making the ruffle.
Sewing together 5.  Turn the outside of the bag inside out and take a look at all that ruffled, scrunchy goodness. 
Outside Bag 6.  Moving on to the interior of the bag.  Attach the interfacing, per manufacturers instructions to the wrong side of the interior fabric.  Take the interior fabric and place right sides together.  You will want to leave an opening in the bottom of the lining in order to turn the bag inside out.  In the picture you can see I placed 2 sets of pins close together to indicate where to leave an opening. 
6b.  If you want to add a pocket, do so before sewing the lining together.  I made large pockets that went across the entire width of the bag.  However, make a pocket, or pockets, that will suite your needs and sew into place after you iron on your interfacing.  Be sure to place the pocket at least 4” up from the bottom.  Then proceed to sew your 3 sides together.  Remember to still leave an opening in the bottom of the lining to turn inside out. 
Inside pocket
7.  Now we are going to want to create a boxed bottom to the bag.  Lets start with the lining and then do the same with the outer bag that we sewed together first.  You will want to create a triangle and sew in 2 inches from the tip of the triangle, as seen in the picture.  Again, do this on both bottom corners of the lining bag and on the outer bag.
Boxing 1Boxing 2Boxing Outer  8.  Time to put your bag together.  With the lining turned wrong side out, place the outside, turned right side out, into the inside of the lining. Essentially, you will want right sides together with the lining being on the outside.
Making a bag 1Making a bag 2 9.  Line up the side seams and pin.   You may need to adjust the lining so that the lining piece and the outer piece line up without having the two bunch together.  You want the lining and the outer bags to line up smoothly all the way around.  Once they do, sew all the way around.

10.  Turn the bag inside out through the opening you left in the lining.  Once turned inside out line up the boxed corners on either side. 

11.  In order to keep the scrunched outer and the lining in place, we are going to attach the bottom corners together.  Once you have them aligned pull them back out through the lining opening and sew the cutoff corners together.  This will keep the bottoms of the bag together.
Attaching bottom
12.  Once you have sewn the bottom corners together, stuff them back through the lining opening and sew the lining closed.  Either machine stitch or hand stitch.

13.  Time to attached the strap.  As mentioned in the supplies this larger tote uses a belt.  In order to attach I used both rivets and made a fabric tab. 
14.  To make the tab, use the 2.5” x 6” pieces of outer fabric and create a tube.  You will want to turn the ends in about a half inch first to create a smooth outer edge, then sew down the long side.  Turn inside out when sewed and iron flat.
15.  Loop the tab around the buckle end of the belt and align on the side of the bag.  Making sure to center it over the side seam.  Sew in place by sewing a box shape around the edges of the tab.  Secure as necessary.
Tab 4
16.  Next its time to attached the other end of the belt to the bag with rivets.  I had so much fun hammering the rivets that I did not get pictures of the process.  But line up the end of the belt with the holes onto the opposite side of the bag, over top of the side seam.  Use the holes of the belt that you feel will make the strap the right length for you.  Use the rivet instructions to attach belt to the bag.  You can also attach snaps as opposed to rivets so you can adjust the strap as needed ~ I will definitely be doing this on my next bag.
17.  Now admire your new pretty, scrunchy bag! 
Scrunch Bag 2Scrunch Bag 3 
Alternatively, if you want to create the braided strap like the first smaller scrunch bag, make 3 long 1 inch tubes and braid.  Make the length that you desire and attach the strap to the side seams by placing in between the lining and the outer bags in step 8 above. 

Hope you enjoy making you very own scrunch bag! 

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