May 6, 2011

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Ok, so I've been one to snicker at those that have celebrated their blog anniversaries.  However, little did I know what was really involved in keeping a blog alive, and oh, you know, interesting.  When I started this blog I found out how much work really is involved in creating each post.  The time, sweat and tears involved in making each post seem relevant to someone. Making sure that it makes sense, has a rhythm and has enough jazz that someone would even want to read it.  And don't get me started on how many times I have used that backspace key!  Lets just say, I now appreciate why so many blogs celebrate their anniversaries and why I am now one of them.  So Happy Blogoversary Náe Chic!
Now that Náe Chic is a whole year old, I want to take a moment to thank those dedicated few who have supported this blog.  When each of you started to follow this blog it brought a smile to my face and really made all that backspace key use worth every stroke.  I mean, having followers is what this blogging thing is all about, right?  That being said I haven't really focused too much on gaining followers, which makes those that are following extra special.  So, thank you for reading and being my bloggy friends.

Hope everyone has a very blessed day! 

Now off to make the second year bigger and better.

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  1. Congratulations Danae. From a fellow blogger, I appreciate the work that goes into each one of your posts. The wonderful thing about blogland is everyone has something different to offer, I love the diversity.
    Looking forward to your second year of posts.

    Anne xx


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