May 14, 2010

The 'oh-so-precious-I-can't-stop-making-them' - Baby SHOES!

This is bad, I can't even wait 24 hours to post about the shoes!  Did I say I'm addicted to shoes?  But lets just say it again, I'm addicted to SHOES!  I blame my grandmother for the trait as she had hundreds of pairs stockpiled for every imaginable situation.  But I say that with great pride because who wouldn't want to inherit such an incredible blessing?!  I haven't quite reached the same level as her (yet!) but each time I move it is quite a joke as to what the ratio of shoes boxes is to total boxes moved.  But lets not dwell on my collection, lets get the next generation of little girls started on filling their shoe boxes!

Aren't they just adorable!  This little pair of beauts were the first pair (on the left).   They have a few flaws as I weaved my way through the instructions (yes Ma I read the instructions!).  I have a habit of not reading instructions and just jump right into a project, which is probably why none of my recipes turn out the same the second time around!  But in any event I did read the instruction on these and although I had to take a few stitches out and start over a few times (oh and my ribbon ties never caught), they didn't turn out all that bad.  But are they wearable??  Will just have to wait and see!

Now for some important information.  The pattern for these super cute shoes came from HERE.  Oh how I love Etsy!  For a person that doesn't like to read instructions, but is also an on again off again type of sewer these instructions were perfect.  It had plenty of pictures (oh how I love pictures!) and just enough detail to get the point across, but not belabor the point.  Definitely a recommended pattern to add to your collection - just be warned they are addicting!

These are just the start.  However, before I get too addicted to making a 0-3 month size shoe, I think it might be a good idea to let the girl try them on!  Especially since she was born with her daddy's big feet!  So, onto packaging them up and sending them onward (unfortunately I'm the Aunt that lives 1,000 miles away, so I'll have to spoil her from afar). 

Onto the next project...oh what will it be?  Oh, I know what every little girl needs in this warmer weather...


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  1. you are so talented! and all these shoes are adorable! i wish i would have seen these back when my little one was little!


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