May 6, 2010


As a newly wed (yay!) I have been trapped in a neutral position of trying to put a definition on ME.  Having so far been unsuccessful I have been (I'm sure) driving my hubby nuts with all my new ventures.  It all started off innocently enough with cooking.  We have currently lived together for approximately 6 months and as my hub can attest, we have rarely had the same meal twice!  Luckily for me I have an awesome hubby who is brave enough to try all my new concoctions.  The thing is, when I do make a dish a second time it is hardly ever the same!  Oh my, I've really got to work on that!  Adding to the bliss of new recipes is our new-found vegetarianism.  Challenging I have to say, but I'll be sharing some of my fave recipes along the way (maybe if I have them in writing I'll be able to make it taste the same the second time around!).

Another venture has been photography.  Absolutely in love with catching the awkward pose or off moment.  My poor fur kids have of course taken the brunt of the flash exposure!  They have almost become numb to the intrusion of the lens staring at them while they play or sleep.  I'm still working on this one, but am enjoying the many complexities that come with taking that perfect shot.  So many things to capture and so little time (expecially when my focus keeps changing)!

And the latest...craft blogs.  I know this one is just making the hubby's head shake!  So much for the business suit professional that he thought he married.  Out came the sewing machine and stacks of fabric that now line the dining table.  I'm off and energized with so many sewing projects floating around in my mind.  Oh I can't make them stop!  I have been so inspired by the many blogs out there with people who share my passion for creating.  Have I found me???  Probably not, but it sure is fun in any event!

I have been addicted to Etsy for quite awhile - all the possibilities.  I am so impressed with the craftiness of and passion that people have for creating, well, just about anything.  Most impressive is their commitment and affectation to show (and sell) the world their works of art!  (Sell?? Now theres that business side of me!)So my new resolution, so to speak, is to share my works of art (yay!).  I have been so inspired by the craftiness of others that I want to share with you both the inspiration and my interpretation of it.  I'm so excited, are you?

K. I'm now energized so off to the sewing machine to start a new project.  What is it going to be today...

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