April 29, 2011

Series Line Up

Here we go!  Are you ready?  I'm excited and can't wait to share some ideas with you.  As I mentioned I was in need of a change.  So, I've been spending a lot of time lately on a little blog sole soul searching expedition. 

Here is what I discovered, or rather put to paper/PC that I want to better incorporate into the blog. 

I'm a vegetarian.  Have only been one for about 2 years now...ok, there were a few flexitarian moments along the way, but all in all I'm a vegetarian.  I really, really enjoy spending time in the kitchen exploring new ways to make vegetarian meals exciting.  As I've mentioned before my hubs can never plan on having the same meal twice!

I'm an eco-hearted person.  I strive to do my part to make the environment a little cleaner and better for the future.  Ok, not perfect here, but it is something I beleive in.  Now if only I could remember those pesky fabric grocery bags!

I'm a pet lover.  No more details needed here I'm sure!

I'm a sometime crafter.  Like to sew, hot glue and put random things together.  Also have a thing for making bags...hmmm.

Ok, there are a few more, but you get the point.  In looking for a way to incorporate all this into the blog I decided to try some series.  Sounds fun, right?  I'm excited about it, hope you are too. 

On the agenda...
  • Veg it out ~ vegetarian recipes and healthful tid-bits
  • For the love of... ~ kind of spur of the moment items on the love list
  • Green Endeavors ~ ideas for being earth friendly and my journey to making a more concerted effort
  • Scrap Happy Projects ~ now you know I couldn't forget about crafting!
There it is.  So lets get started.

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  1. Great ideas Danae. Looking forward to your new inspired posts. :)
    Anne xx


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