October 8, 2010

Wedding DIY: Table Decor

I was in awe when shopping around for wedding decor.  From the stationary to flowers to favors, the costs just kept adding up.  But because its every girls dream to have a princess wedding, me certainly not being immune to the fairy tale, I had to deal with the expense.  However, one has to get a little creative in order to have the fairy tale wedding on a paupers budget.  One way of doing so was to scew some of the details (i.e. find cheap ways of doing expensive things). 

The flowers were a huge expense, but for me that was the best part.  I mean, how cheerful are flowers.   By mixing up some DIY with some beautiful flowers you are able to get the best of both worlds.  Here I put a simple lampshade on top of a 3 foot tall clear glass vase.  Then add a candle and you have yourself a pretty classy looking (both contemporary and inexpensive) centerpeice.  Perfect.  Some tables had flowers and others had these lovely vases.

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