September 24, 2010

Carry Me + Amy Butler

I know, I know its been almost a month since my last post.  Believe me I've missed blogging, but just can't believe how time flies.  Seems like every time I sat down to write a post, something came up that tore me away from writing about my newest project.  Its sad how I feel so busy.  However, not that it makes it any better, I have been keeping up with my Carry Me sewing project (4 more completed projects and 1 more in the making).  So is all forgiven in the blogworld? 

The power of inspiration has made me sit here long enough to finally get a post done for the month of September.  I have been waiting for this day for weeks now and it is finally here!  I'm so excited.  From the time this challenge was posted I instantly became inspired.  The challenge: cut up my Amy Butler fabric!  Find the challenge here.  I have my adored Amy Butler fabric all neatly folded away just waiting for the right project to come along that strangely deserved the warranted attention of Amy Butler.  Well, when a challenge to this degree comes along, I am of course going to seize the opportunity.  So here I am, proudly posting and stating that I finally cut into my Amy Butler stash. 

First off, as you are well aware, I am sewing my way through Carry Me.  So, it was only natural that Miss Amy Butler meet Carry Me.  So here we have it.  A tote adorning Amy Butler.  Now, this tote style is not my usual taste, a bit too crafty looking for me.  However, these fabrics just sang to me when they were fortuitously set next to each other. This tote also recieved a matching project from the book, a book cover. Look at that, 2 projects done from the book!

There you have it, 2 projects completed with some beautiful Amy Butler fabric (plus some other misc fabric).  Now, I have to shoot on over and enter this into the challenge.  If you have a recent Amy Butler project you should certainly head on over and enter into the challenge as well!  Isn't this fun!

Ok, back to sewing and thinking creatively.  Oh and by the way, I owe you 2 more projects from the book to get caught up (still need to get some pictures taken) and I am planning on having a wedding theme for the month of October!  October is a special month for me (two anniversaries!) so what better month to share a bunch of wedding ideas!  I thought it would be fun.


  1. Wow, I love it! I like the straps/hardware, was that difficult to do? I love the cover too...what a great idea, this project would make some really nice Christmas gifts. The fabrics are amazing, I really am a blue/green girl. :-)

  2. this looks amazing. i love the fabrics

  3. Nice work, I love the blues and greens together.

  4. Awesome! So glad you cut into your stash! Isn't it nice to have that fabric around being used instead living a sad dark life in your stash? I need to get my lotus stuff out and get working on it.

  5. I think that both turned out really cute! And the fabrics are excellent!


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