August 19, 2010

Repurposing For The Dog

Have you ever wondered what to do with those disinfectant cloth containers?  I have kept a few just hoping that I would be clever enough someday to think of a way to repurpose them - after all that's a lot of plastic just to throw away.  Guess what, tonight was the night the light bulb went off on what to do with them; store dog poo bags!  Why didn't I think of that sooner??  Sorry for the glamorous reveal, but a dog lover has to do what a dog lover has to do!

We have some 80+ rolls of dog poo bags as I went a little crazy when I found some biodegradable ones on sale.  Needless to say storing these rolls is a little chaotic at times.  When you pull one bag off the roll it tends to get put on the nearest flat surface and inevitably unrolls into this long mess.  Problem solved!  These containers both store quite a few rolls as well as dispenses a baggie without having to worry about it unrolling.  Yahoo!

I decorated the container just so it was a little more glamorous.  My materials: an empty disinfecting wipe container, fabric,and some spray adhesive (that managed to escape the photo).  And of course the dog bags.

To make the cover I used the paper cover that was on the container as a pattern - mine measured 14" x 6".  Cut some fabric accordingly, adding a 1/2" seam allowance, then sew a hem around 3 of the 4 sides of the fabric (the 4th side is covered with a little bit of overlap). 

With a little spray adhesive we have a repurposed container that is now holding several rolls and dispenses dog bags.   

Doesn't look too bad, perhaps I should start covering these containers when they still have the disinfecting cloths still inside. 



  1. That looks so great and what a great idea. I might start covering all my containers too. Thanks for joining We're Organized Wednesday.

  2. oh how clever- i have those nice lysol ones they dont make anymore, and this is perfect to make them match the diffeent rooms!


  3. Love this idea! I'm sharing it with my readers this week!


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